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Top Grasshopper Plug-Ins for Complex Geometries

Pufferfish was made by the talented Michael Pryor. This plug-in has so many tools you wish grasshopper had by default. The fun thing here is that you can essentially design and explore by morphing shapes together. To assist this type of workflow, it also offers many tools to rebuild, re-topologize, and fix all kind of geometry and object data.

You can download the plug-in here.

Culebra has an interesting story. Created by Luis Quinones, who has since become a martial artist, this plug-in allows you to creating agent (BOID) behaviors and visualize them as curves. Since it has a method for running these simulations with graphic data, it runs much smoother than if you were working with actual curves. It does of course, allow you to bake the curves from the simulating in order to use them for modeling.

You can download the plug-in here.

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