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The beautiful thing about architecture is that it teaches you to build worlds by deconstructing your own. 

That is what I value most from my formal education in Architectural Design. Since completing a Master's in Architecture and a Master's in Arts of Architecture, I’ve deployed my visual production workflows as a 3d artist in a variety of projects and industries. 



Although my career began at the same time as my formal education, I knew I wanted to work in a creative industry from a very early age. 

Art class was something I looked forward to every day. I was obsessed. Charcoals, oils, watercolors, scratchboards.. waited patiently on the waitlist for the photography class. I began practicing 3d at 16, learning basic collage and render skills with Sketchup and Photoshop. I realized early on that the digital techniques granted immeasurable freedom with the right kind of creativity. Throughout the years, I've solidified various workflows to complete projects in an efficient manner.


Connection to other humans is something we all crave. People need to feel emotionally invested to lend you their attention.

I believe digital design can amplify the expression of a brand's identity. Design projects help deepen connections between individuals and culture.

Whether it is for publication or for internal use,  I place great value in the visual narrative of our projects to communicate meaningfully and effectively. I’ve had the luxury of applying my 3d graphics & rendering skills to a wide range of industries including interior design, product design, and art sculptures just to name a few. 



No one is Island, it does take a village.

Although I have an overarching experience in design, from sketch to installation, every problem requires a considerate solution. This is means trusting the right people for the right job. I always count on my network to execute as a team on the right project. I am so fortunate and grateful to be  surrounded by my community of talented artists, makers, fabricators, and colleagues. 

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